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GHz Tilt Over Tower Series


Tilt-Over Tower - 72 foot on Square Market

Welcome to GHz Tilt Over Towers. Our new patent pending tower series delivers a free standing structure up to 72 feet, with no guide wires, and no climber needed.  Order Here

Tower Specifications:
Tower Type : Free Standing
Tower materials : Aluminium

Tower Wind Loads:
Tower Height 76 foot - Wind Load 79 Pounds
Tower Height 56 Foot - Wind Load 98.6 Pounds
Tower Height 36 Foot - Wind Load 118.4 Pounds

Made in USA
Patent Pending

We provide all the components you need:  tower parts, cranks, instructions , all included at no extra cost.   You will need to add concrete that can be either hand mixed (not recommended) or delivered by commecial truck.

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