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GHz released it's high speed solution aka "Copper to the Condo" delivering speeds up to 100 megabit plus to condos , apartments , and students in Austin Texas.  "Copper to the Condo" delivers high speed access , backed by redundant services unlike other high speed providers in America



Faster deployment than fiber

Delivers gigabit speeds with lower ROI

Redundant options

Easier to deploy

Industry CAT6 Standards



CTTC is designed to adhere to higher demands to redundant services with faster and easier deployments. Most carriers like Time Warner , Comcast and Google only use a single physical platform, that is vunerable to service outages. Copper To The Condo has dual paths, and delivers faster and more relaible services for things like streaming media, Intenet TV and Voice over IP.

  • Submit Service Request
    • Install time - 10-30 days depending on build
    • Basic Install Cost - $199 - includes wireless / wired router & UPS installed at your home
    • Advanced IPTV Install - $249 includes router, Roku Lite/Basic and UPS installed on your standard or hig def TV. Does not include Television Set
  • Rules of service
    • No reselling - you are not allowed to resell service
    • No static IP's
    • No server/hosting of any kind allowed
    • No peer to peer allowed


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