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GHz Fixed Wireless FAQ's 

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you can not find an answer here , please contact us.

What kind of speeds do you offer?

GHz Wireless is proud to offer 5, 10 and 15 Mbps service options ( fixed) and 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 700 and 1000 Mbps service options (DIA) in most of our service territory. For additional information and pricing for these services, please see our plans and pricing page.

Why is your DIA more expensive than the Fixed Wireless option?

Our installations are offered on a fast return on investment. For fixed wireless consumers which can pay the entire amount of the installation up front, you have the benefit of the lower monthly service cost. However, Dedicated Internet Access Hardware in extreemly espensive and we offer the ability for you to pay the full price of the installation over the 24/36 month agreement. After the 24/36 month agreement, you can elect to receive the then-current non-contract pricing for your service .

Why is the difference between DIA and Fixed Wireless?

Fixed Wireless is for consumers with non-symetical (not same speed up as down) needs for basic Internet usage. Fixed Wireless provides reliable connection for web surfing, email, streaming video and watching Internet TV like Hulu and Netflix.  Fixed wireless uses a shared access point design , which means the access point you are connected to has other people on it at the same time, and speed will vary based on usage and network load. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is symetical (same speed up and down) and is a dedicated system designed to replace fiber , T1's and expensive land based lines and is used for enterprise businesses, like manufacturing, banking, media companies , telcoms and companies needing 99.999 percent uptime guranteed. DIA is dedicated meaning your speeds are guaranteed 24/7 and the connection is private and not shared like Fixed Wireless is.

If I sign up for a 24/36 month agreement, and have to cancel for some reason, what is the termination fee?

Our agreements have a 75% termination clause. You will be required to pay at least 75% of the remaining balance on your term to cancel service. We do require a 60 day notice for any cancellation.

What if I move?

If you move to another location in the GHz Wireless service area with identical installation type, you will have to pay a $100 move fee . If the installation type switches from Standard to Tall, or fixed to DIA at your new location, you have to pay the difference in the installation cost.  If you move out of the service area, you should contact our office to discuss options.

What are GHz Wireless Hotspots?

Ghz Wireless Hotspots are Wi-Fi enabled locations around our service area which we either provide service to the business which provides WiFi to their customers, or we directly provide the WiFi service as a free benefit to the community. We invite you to try out GHz Wireless service at any of our WiFi enabled locations.

How can I test the speed of my Internet service?

While no Internet speedtest is 1000% accurate all the time, we have found that SpeedTest.net is the best option to test your connection’s speed and performance. 

Do you have a limit on the amount of data I can download or upload?

No! While most providers are trending towards data transfer limits such as 10, or 20 GB of data in a month, we are proud to offer our service with unlimited data transfer. We sell our Internet based on speed, not transfer amount.

Help! My service is out… how long before you can fix it?

In outage situations, we focus our resources first on our backbone network between and at our access towers. Many times we can restore services to large areas simply by fixing a single tower.

If the outage is specific to your home, we normally respond in the order the outage ticket was received. Our normal response is within 24-48 hours for individual-level issues.

Regardless, if you are experiencing a service outage, let us know so we can look into it for you. You can call us at 512-981-7115 or email us at

What equipment do I have to have?

You simply have to have any Internet-capable device. Computers, tablets, iPads, game consoles, etc are all acceptable Internet capable devices. If your device is only wireless-enabled or you wish to connect multiple devices at the same time, you will require a Wi-Fi enabled router. You may provide your own router, or you can rent or purchase one from us.

Is this satellite internet? Is your service affected by weather?

No. Our fixed wireless service is all terrestrial radio, which means that our signals are all on Earth. Your antenna connects to our closest access tower, normally between 3 and 5 miles away from your house. Our signal levels are engineered to ensure that rain, fog, and other atmospheric conditions do not cause your service to fail. We do now offer SatCom services for people who can are not in range of our wireless network. See GHz Lunar for more details.

What is the latency and jitter on your connection?

Most of our connections have latency between 30 and 50ms to the Internet, with jitter of normally around 20ms depending on network load in your area. While these are our target numbers, on home connections we do not guarantee any specific latency or jitter measurement.

Can I use VPN on my GHz Wireless connection?

Yes. Our service offers an optional static public IP address so you can use any service available on the Internet, including VPN clients or other applications published by your employer.

Can I use VoIP (Voice over IP) over my GHz Wireless connection?

VoIP can be used on your GHz Wireless connection at your own risk.    

What is the installation process like?

Please see our “What’s Involved” page for a full breakdown of our installation process with photographs.

What about gaming?

Gamers love our service! Our low latency, low jitter last mile, combined with our fiber optical backbone, means that access to game server hosts and other gaming resources are simply lightning fast.

My Homeowners Association doesn’t allow dishes or masts, how can I get GHz Wireless service?

The GHz Wireless installation and microwave receiver is considered under what the FCC calls the “Over-the-Air Reception Devices Rule”. This means the GHz Wireless receiver is under the same classification as residential satellite dishes (such as satellite television) and is legally permissible for mounting on your home. As always, please check with your HOA for specific rules and covenants that may alter your rights. For additional information on the FCC ruling and dish classification, view the FCC OTARD documentation. (http://www.fcc.gov/guides/over-air-reception-devices-rule)

If you have any further questions about our service that is not answered here, submit your question!

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